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Junior Programs


Junior Programs

Language program for the youth category: Our programs depend on the age of the learner and his previous knowledge in the language. The interests of youth are different from the adults and kids because they are in a transitional phase between childhood and maturity.

What is Youth Program?

This program targets young people in the age group (13-18 years). Berlitz collaborated with the international education channel, National Geographic, to select interesting and youth-friendly topics, with exclusive and discounted books for this category with a high and substantial focus on public life and self-reliance.

Program's Benefit

  • A very focused program to teach the language according to the student's age and knowledge
  • The student can break the barrier of fear of the new language and speak with confidence
  • All classroom learners are of the same age group, which helps to participate and discuss the same topics
  • Opening the horizons of the learner by striking a conversation with a native teacher
  • Learn a new language in a way that differs from the school method, which is the conversation method

Programs Levels

There are four language levels that are determined by the educational supervisor of the center after conducting the interview with the learner and discussing the objectives ...Register Now.